Room Categories

An eclectic mix of STANDARD, EXECUTIVE, SUPERIOR and SUITES, spread over four floor levels, The Metropole offers worldclass accommodation..

Rooms on Level 1

We worship the concept of the ‘WHORL’ an imaginary circular motion filled shape. It has been subdued and harmonized into room décor with the help of contrasting blacks and whites.

Rooms on Level II

We travel back in time for a retro look from the 1950's and 1960's . While old Hollywood movie posters don the walls in the corridors, the décor in the rooms take on the lines and shapes of the time.

Rooms on Level III

Subtlety is the word, where the intentionally controlled use of colour is made up for the use of textures and weaves. Find a spectrum of materials such as leather chenille, jacquards, and polyester blends. Bathrooms use copper as the dominant element with authentic copper fixtures for a well derived kitsch look.

Rooms on Level IV

The key word here is ‘FRESH’ and colour is green, from the upholstery and curtains right down to the carpet, all elements combine to induce the freshness of spring. Mood lighting enhances level four rooms. Bathrooms feature abstract designs on their walls.

Metropole Accomondation